Welcome to the Journey of

Vithal Kamat

As a scion of the esteemed Kamat family, Vishal Kamat is taking forward the mantle from his father, Dr Vithal Venkatesh Kamat. As a leader, he has a clear vision to once again make the Kamats Family one of India’s Leading Family-Managed Professional Business, and is also on the Board of Directors of Kamat Hotels India Limited - their Lisited Flagship. Vishal is known for his innovative thinking and approach to the challenges in Indian hospitality and entrepreneurship.

A Story that Ignites Dreams

Vishal's continued success story is nothing short of extraordinary, inspiring a new generation of Indian entrepreneurs. An alumnus of IHMTCTAN, Mumbai, his journey epitomizes the fusion of knowledge and experience. He's the force behind the success of iconic brands such as The Orchid, Asia's First 5 Star Ecotel Hotel, Fort JadavGADH, and IRA By Orchid Hotels. He has been instrumental in the financial turn-around of the Kamat Family which had affected them since 2012, due to the global slowdown that lasted almost a decade. Currently, he is now focused on human resources, acquisitions for growth, and business planning.

From Innovation to Impact

Vishal's passion for hospitality and relentless pursuit of success have redefined the Kamat brand. He's a trailblazer, leading with warmth, approachability, and unmatched leadership skills. His ability to turn unconventional ideas into reality is a hallmark of his journey, enhancing the image of Kamat Hotels.

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